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Art in Movement: Expressing yourself through motions of the body. Feeling the energy within and letting it out through various kinds of music and mediums. This class allows people to feel the artwork rather than think about it. Everyone will use various art mediums and application methods such as working on the wall or floor, or using your feet to draw. This allows people to play and have fun while expressing their inner child, releasing positive energy and emotions through movement. It’s always fun to see what hidden images are expressed in the end!

Coloring for Adults:
Coloring is a technique which is used as meditation and relaxation for many! It helps connect you with your inner child and ignites the creative side of your brain. This is a skill we have all experienced in a past time and anyone can do it! Everyone will learn how to create their own one of a kind sketchbook that they will be able to take with them at the end of class. In this sketchbook I will show them how to create their own Coloring book, referencing various patterns and designs such as the Mandala.

Dharma Art:
This class will focus on the subconscious mind. It has the power to awaken the mind and liberate the soul. “Dharma Art”- any creative work that springs from an awakened state of mind, characterized by directness and unselfconsciousness. Dharma Art not only allows you to let go of the now and allow your creative “Monkey Mind” to flow through, but it also helps you to let go of perfection and accept things how they are. It’s a lesson in letting go, letting your subconscious do all the talking and freeing your mind.

I have found that all of these lessons are great tools to activate your creative side, open your mind and let go of today and relax. These are things we all need to do and rarely have time to! For a quick release, these are exercises that anyone can do, anywhere, at anytime!